This website is for the identification of Australian Birds  and it is being added to constantly. Photographs are all wildlife shots . Grateful appreciation to ornithologist Dr M Tarburton in his help in field and photographic identification.

I apologise for some of the pictures that are not  good quality but these will be updated as the site evolves. If some of the Australian Birds are labelled inappropriately please use the email or place a comment to contact us re your opinion.

Many photographs are taken in the Lower Hunter Valley  and  Newcastle surrounds. Living in lower Hunter Valley NSW with a creek and wilderness area nearby provides a rich resource to the local birds. Lower Hunter areas such as the Kooragang wetlands are also a local source of birding amazement. Travelling happens periodically and as you will see there are bird photographs from around Australia

Grouping of birds will also change to a more scientific approach as the data base increases and this system system of canopy, woodlands, water waders etc. is  purely for web design simplicity.
If you want the photo in Hi resolution for publication just send an email
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